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We are aerial photography and video specialists, we use our drones to get you high quality images and stunning videos, and give you another one of a kind perspective.

Get the shot of your dreams and get ahead of your competition.

With our drones we will take amazing pictures and video, from completely different perspectives, so you get visuals that will set your event or special day, apart from the rest.

It really is spectacular all the things you can see from the sky! There are endless possibilities for camera angles, flight paths, and recording heights, that no other photographer can give you.


Our Services

Real State

Aerial visuals to highlight property and get ahead on the rest of the market. Get property details that can be hard to obtain at ground level.


Documentation of work progress, ideal to keep track and be able to monitor work status directly with your customers and suppliers.

Promotional Marketing

Excellent marketing tool for promotional and marketing visuals to set your business and products apart from the competition.


Let people fall in love with your neighborhood, your city, or your State… by capturing it from above! Let our cameras transmit a feeling of freedom and greatness that comes when flying. Ideal to show the nature or landscapes at high altitudes.


Our equipment allows us to control our aerial shots completely with tracking, chasing, descriptive flight plans, panoramas, following movements, etc. With heights of up to 250 meters, we can achieve high altitude shots that are impossible to achieve without paying for expensive plane and helicopter services.

Social events

Get another perspective of that important moment: Weddings, Parties, Ceremonies, you name it we will film it… We are a great complement to traditional video and photography services.


Areal visuals for sporting events, team and player promotional videos and images, team trainings and developmental practicing for gathering new perspectives on important team plays… we can give you the shots your team needs to excel.


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